How to add time off (PTO)

If an employee is absent, you can add time off / PTO by going to the Timesheet, clicking “Actions”, then choosing “Add time off”. Here you can select the users and dates you’d like to add time off for, as well as select the time off type, and how many […]

How to use the timesheet page

How to select a date range To view your employees’ timesheet for a specific date range, go to Timesheet (on the left menu), then at the top where it says “All activity from Today for All users”, click on “Today” to change the date range. You can either click on […]

How to submit a timesheet edit request

Submit a clock time edit request If employees forget to clock in or clock out, or if there is some mistake on the timesheet, they can always submit a clock time edit request to their manager. To do this as an employee, go to “Timesheet”, click on the clock time […]

How to enable geolocation tracking

By utilizing the browser’s built in geolocation feature, Clockspot allows you to track where employees clock in from. To use this feature, you must first “Enable geolocation tracking” in your settings by going to Settings (in the left menu), then going to the Timesheet tab. Make sure “Enable browser clocking” is also enabled.   […]

How to add/edit/delete jobs

Jobs are a great way to track what employees work on during their shift. You can customize jobs to represent whatever you want – a client, a location, a specific task / project, etc. A shift can have multiple jobs under it, and every job belongs to a specific shift. Adding a job […]

How to use the time clock page

Enable browser clocking The “Time clock” page should be the first page you see when you log in. If you do not see this page, you may have “Enable browser clocking” disabled in your general settings, or you may not be assigned the “employee” role. To edit user permissions, read our […]

How to use pay runs

A pay run is a report that shows you how much employees have earned, which factors in things like overtime (regular hours, overtime hours, double time hours), as well as custom pay items like deductions, reimbursements, and other earnings. To create a pay run, go to Reports > Pay runs, […]

How to activate your account

If you are currently on a trial, and would like to activate your account, all you need to do is go to Billing > My subscription, click “Activate my account”, and enter your credit card information: Feel free to enter this information at any time before your trial is up – […]