Clockspot Version 2.0 available!

For the past two years, we’ve been redesigning and developing a completely new and better version of Clockspot, which improves upon many features in the old Clockspot, as well as introduce new ones based on feedback from our users.

We’ve completely rebuilt the software from the ground up, using the latest web technologies, which significantly improves the speed and security of the service. If you’re already a fan of the old Clockspot, you will absolutely love the new version!

Although we’re super excited about the new version, we understand that not everyone will like the new changes. As such, we’ve made the switch to the new version completely optional. We will continue to host and support the old version at your usual login URL.

Important things to know about the new version:

1) Switching is completely optional. We will continue to support Clockspot 1.0 indefinitely.

2) We are not offering a data migration to the new version. Clockspot 2.0 is a completely
new stand-alone product, separate from the old version, so you will need to create a
new account, as well as accept the new pricing and terms and conditions.

3) We’ve changed the pricing. Check out our plans here.

4) Clockspot 2.0 no longer supports Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9, so we highly recommend
updating your browser if you are still using an old version. Clockspot will continue to work
as always on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and the latest version of Internet Explorer.

5) There are a whole lot of new features and updates. The best way to understand these changes is to try it out for free, or check out our features page.

6) Let us know what you think! We’re always looking to improve based on your feedback, so drop us a line at

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