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If you’re stuck doing payroll and tracking employee time using spreadsheets, how easy it is to make it secure while remaining accessible? Even if you’ve “updated” your spreadsheets to the cloud on a system like Google Docs, how easy is to make it secure? Do your current ‘electronic’ timesheets offer different security levels of editing of the timesheets? Can the timesheets keep an audit trail of changes made?

Clockspot comes with a hearty set of features that allow you to easily create and manage roles & permissions. We even track every change ever made to the timesheet, so you can always go back and see which clock times were edited, deleted, by whom, and at what time. Fraud is easily discouraged and catching or clarifying innocent mistakes is a cinch.

Precise time & attendance data can save any company a boatload when it comes to mitigating misreported info. What was the original entry and why was it revised? Clockspot gives your information integrity by automatically logging all changes to time & attendance.

All activity on our system is encrypted and protected by industry leading SSL encryption and backed up everyday by one of the most respected cloud hosting providers, RackSpace. Rest easy knowing your data is managed by world leading infrastructure technologies, databases, and applications.