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Job costing

Activity based job order costing

Whether you’re a decision maker or employee manager, no doubt one of your primary goals is ensuring everyone’s time (including your own) is used wisely. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by activity or project based job costing. Now you can ensure time and materials are being allocated and used in the way intended to turn a profit. It doesn’t matter what service your company provides, job costing saves time and lets you make decisions that add to your bottom line $$$.

With Clockspot, you can create projects / jobs / clients quickly by copying project information, such as people and tasks, to new and other projects.

Our job codes feature, lets you track exactly which job, task, client, or project an employee is working on. You can then generate a job costing report that will show you the breakdown.

You’re able to track as many or as few projects as you want. Now you can get complete, real-time visibility into your projects based on the roles assigned and time spent on them. Now you can better manage expectations on time and in budget.

For maximum effectiveness, you can track specific codes and items from the very beginning. Right from the get go your delegated projects give back useful info which empowers your decision-making for the benefit of the company. Now you’re able to track time & resources spent on a project in a natural way which integrates into your businesses typical method of management.

With the power of Clockspot’s easy job costing system, you have the real time data you need as a manager to send efficiency through the roof.