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Your business should be changing all the time but your spreadsheets are killing you. Why? They can’t keep pace with a fast moving world. Your business needs to be able to track any ‘new’ detail whenever it wants to. You shouldn’t be forced to guess what’s going on in your operations where the use of time is concerned. Time is money.

Spreadsheets provide an easy way to record time & attendance. But effectively managing any workforce on them invariably leads to frustration through accidental mistakes and repetitive, redundant actions needing to be logged. Every. Hour. Every. Day. Worse yet, the data you have isn’t real time, you’re only looking at info you’ve been relayed by your employees. Incorrect entries can introduce huge business risks and irritated employees. Don’t even think about running a custom or manual report unless you’ve got an extra hour or two to waste.

Don’t be fooled. Excel and other spreadsheets are very popular for tracking time in the ‘cloud.’ If you think that running your spreadsheet on Office 365 or Google Apps represents the same benefit as true cloud-based system like Clockspot, you are sorely mistaken.

Why should you let an arcane system like spreadsheets hold you back from making your job as a manager easier, and saving your company valuable time & resources? Get Clockspot today.