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Time tracking is what we do best! Check out all the benefits of using our online time clock software.

  • Clock in anywhere
  • Payroll reports
  • PTO accruals
  • Job costing
  • Time off
  • GPS tracking
  • Overtime
  • Payslips
  • Audit trail
  • SSL security

Employees track time using any web browser, cell phone, or landline.

Your staff can clock in from anywhere as long as they have a connection to the internet, or have access to a landline or mobile phone. We track IP addresses, device IDs, caller ID, and GPS so you know exactly where they're clocking from.

Instantly see who's clocked in online. Review and approve timesheets.

Once employees clock in, you can review their timesheets from any web browser. You can make any adjustments to the timesheet before approving them, like adding a lunch break, or correcting a job code.

Jobs, tasks, projects, clients

With our job codes feature, you can track exactly which job, task, client, or project an employee is working on. You can then generate a job costing report that will show you the breakdown.

Time off / PTO accruals

You can configure your own paid time off (PTO) program, like vacation and sick days, as well as set up automatic accrual of PTO.

Edit requests. Time off requests.

We make it easy for managers to correct timesheet errors, by allowing employees to submit edit requests. Employees can also submit time off requests, which you can then approve or deny.

Payroll reports and payslips

Once you set up employee pay schedules, you can easily generate a pay run to see your employees' timesheet and time off totals for the pay period. Employees can view their payslips online at anytime.

Overtime, earnings, deductions, reimbursements

We provide a detailed breakdown of regular and overtime hours clocked by employees. You can even add additional items like deductions, bonuses, and reimbursements.

Audit trail of all changes

We track every change ever made to the timesheet, so you can always go back and see which clock times were edited, deleted, by whom, and at what time. Your data is backed up daily.

Manage permissions

We give you fine-grained permissions control so you can specify exactly what your employees can and cannot do.