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Cloud based time tracking

Cloud based employee timesheets & scheduling

Clockspot allows you to track the time and attendance of all your employees, anywhere. Our application is built from the ground up to simplify the daily workflow of managers, business owners, & decision makers alike.

The most important aspect of any employee managers’ workflow is an efficient, yet accurate ability to track their subordinates time, attendance and location. What was once an irritating daily task is now made simple and stress free by leveraging the power of a cloud based time tracking tool like Clockspot.

Your employees use any device, even a landline, to clock in and out. As a manager, you receive real-time updates in a single pane of glass from your desktop or mobile phone—thus delivering you the data you need right now to make smart decisions.

The nature of the cloud means your job as a manager goes with it. Once employees clock in, you can review their timesheets from any web browser. You can make any adjustments to the timesheet before approving them, like adding a lunch break, or correcting a job code. Correcting any employee errors on the fly is simple as a few clicks too.

Syncing up with fellow managers is a cinch as well. Generating pay runs and reports is done right within the online console and are easily accessible with other users you share them with.

Secure audit trails let you see every change that’s ever been made to a timesheet. Going back and seeing what was edited, deleted, modified and by who and at one time is easy. Your data is backed up everyday so you can always go back and see your records.

Employee managers, project managers, and other approved roles can approve timesheets with a single click. Custom approval processes and roles are simple to set up too.

Timesheet management on Clockspot is made crazy easy with no software to install and instantaneous updates across the cloud. You can start tracking attendance right now! No installation process involved. Because of our beautiful and simple user interface, there’s a near zero learning curve for both managers and employees. Spend less time adding up timesheets and bugging employees about clocking in and out properly. Spend more time running your business.

Being a subscription based service means there’s no upfront cost either. Our pricing model is inexpensive and month-by-month. You can get started immediately with none of the problems that a typical “forklift” change brings.

Since we handle the technology and hardware, you never again worry about the hassles of outdated software. Updates and software maintenance is a thing of the past too. Clockspot’s already feature-rich offering is constantly being improved and updated while remaining accessible anywhere, 24/7/365.

Clockspot + you = effortless employee management. Get started today.