Track employee time from any cell phone or landline.

Our phone time clock software lets employees clock in from a toll-free number. We track caller ID and GPS so you know exactly where employees call in from.

Good morning

It's currently 9:00 am

Clocked in 9:00 am

Total work: 34 mins...

Save money and time by using our mobile time tracking software.

  • Clock in by cell phone
  • Caller ID
  • Job costing
  • Clock in by landline
  • GPS tracking
  • Voice reports

We're used by companies of all sizes:

Example clock in:

Clock in using our toll-free number

Employees can clock in from anywhere by dialing our toll-free number using any telephone, or by punching in from a computer via the web.

Track caller ID and GPS

We track both caller ID and GPS so you know exactly where employees call from. You can also prevent buddy clocking by requiring employees to say their name before clocking in.

Manage employee timesheets online

One employees clock in, you can see their clock times instantly online. Here you'll be able to review, edit, and approve timesheets before running payroll reports.

Job costing and PTO

Enter job codes so you can track how much time was spent on various tasks, projects and clients. You can also configure your employees' paid time off (PTO) settings, and set up automatic accrual.

Payroll reports

Running payroll is as easy as a few clicks once you set up your employees' pay schedules. We also give you the option to track reimbursements, deductions, and additional earnings.

Overtime reports

Know when employees are approaching overtime so you can schedule them more efficiently (we also support California overtime).