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In today’s ever-changing world of work styles and methodology, it’s becoming painfully apparent that old methods of timesheets and tracking are no longer efficient or productive for either a manager or their employees. With a plethora of providers and software solutions out there offering every feature under the sun—you shouldn’t be forced into using something that works for other companies. As a busy manager, you need to have your “time tracking cake” and eat it too.

Enter: Clockspot. The workforce has always been on-the-go and mobile, but it’s only today that we’re met with the expectation that proper tracking should be a shared responsibility between both manager and employee. With Clockspot in hand (literally, on your employee’s phone) it’s an easy reality.

Tracking time shouldn’t take time. With Clockspot, it’s as brief and simple as checking your text messages or making a phone call. Our system seamlessly works on Android, iPhone & Apple devices, even use a regular ol’ landline!

Now you can set your employees free from constant micromanagement and worrying about accountability by empowering them with the ability to clock in and clock out at will, straight from any mobile phone or landline. You, the manager, gets live tracking from an easy to manage pane of glass in your browser. Your employees can still stay accountable and are more free to do what they do best, their jobs!