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Still manually adding up timesheets? Clockspot is an online time clock that helps simplify payroll to just a few clicks.

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We help you cut costs and save money. Here's what others are saying...

"Clockspot has greatly improved the way we track labor costs. A process that took 2 weeks now takes 20 minutes." William A. Bell(Mayor of Birmingham, AL)
"Clockspot has cut my job in half. By tracking hours and schedules, I am able to see the exact times my employees arrive and leave." Heather Bertsche(Centreville, MI)
"We switched over from a manual punch clock to Clockspot a few months back...man what a difference. The employees love it!" Ken Swanson(Austin, TX)
"We love apps that reduce a business process to the core and maximize usability around that. Clockspot has done exactly that." Stephan Jacob(Philadelphia, PA)
"Switching from paper time tracking to Clockspot was one of the smartest administrative moves we've made." Brian Gladu(Mt. Pleasant, SC)
"We chose Clockspot because we absolutely loved the interface. It's elegant, beautiful, and intuitive." Craig Anderson(Glasgow, Scotland)

Companies using our web based employee time clock:


Clock in from any approved device

Employees punch in via our time clock online, or from a cell phone by dialing our toll free number. We track IP addresses and caller ID so you know exactly where they're clocking from.

Review and approve timesheets online

Log in from any web browser to review your employees' timesheets and make any necessary adjustments. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, and backed up daily.

Job costing and paid time off (PTO)

Use job codes to track how much time was spent on various tasks, clients, or projects. Keep track of PTO balances and accruals, and manage employee time off requests.

Run payroll reports

Run payroll with just a few clicks. You can also track earnings, deductions, and reimbursements. Employees can view their payslips online at any time.

Overtime + overtime alerts

See a breakdown of time spent on various projects, clients, and tasks. Calculate overtime and get alerted when employees are nearing it.

Keep a complete audit trail

We keep a complete audit trail of every modification to the timesheet so you can always go back and review the original clock time.