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“Necessity is the mother of invention.” -English proverb.

In 2007, Clockspot founder Jason Ho set out to help his father’s pediatric practice solve a problem that was basic on the surface, but time consuming to solve. It was that of finding a reliable way to track daily clocking in/out of his staff, and accurately reporting it for weekly timesheets.

Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, products on the market that claimed to offer a solution were weighed down by their own complexities and forced you to use the management style that worked with their system.

Why couldn’t a time & attendance tracking system be simple and easily integrate into the daily workflow of any business? Thus, Clockspot was born.

Clockspot saved the day by being a solution that was simple and easy to plug into the businesses current workflow, without interfering in day-to-day activities. Like magic, timesheets were nearly creating themselves by giving employees the tools to clock-in and clock-out themselves without clunky & expensive handpunch systems.

From here, Clockspot has evolved into a full featured employee time, attendance, & payroll solution. Now it’s never been easier to complete, review, and approve timesheets from anywhere.

In addition, you can track leave balances and create invoices. Easily setup leave policy rules. Users will automatically accrue leave according to the rules you define. Leave balances reduce as users report time out of the office. Users can view their leave balances at anytime.

Generate detailed reports from timesheet data. Specify report filters to return only the results you want. Export to Excel and PDF. You have full control over who can see and do what through permissions. Decide if a person approves time for everyone, a group, certain people, or nobody.

Timesheets are still in your control and require approval. Daily, weekly, or bi-weekly approvals depending on the rules you set. You define who is allowed to approve whose time. Approving and denying time is a simple click of a button.

With Clockspot, ANY company can have the functionality of an enterprise-class product at the tiniest fraction of the cost of a comparable solution. AND with zero upfront investment.

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