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Straightforward PTO accruals, overtime reporting, and attendance tracking

Sick time. Overtime. Vacation time. Medical leave. Holidays. Planned or not, tracking employee absence, overtime, and earned time-off can be a headache of epic proportions.

You don’t want to have a system that makes you track things you don’t want. For example: If you don’t do project management then your time tracking system shouldn’t force it on you. On the other hand you need your system to be capable of fitting like a glove on your hand allowing you to fit tight or lose according to your needs – not interfering with your business – just protecting it.

Managing all of these variables is a monotonous responsibility for employee managers that is often not as straightforward as it seems. Imagine though having your normal time tracking system seamlessly integrate with employees paid time off and other accruals. With Clockspot, it’s easy-peasy!

Our system is tailored to the style of today’s work styles and management. You can configure your own paid time off program, like vacation and sick days, as well as set up automatic accrual of PTO.

With our beautifully simple reporting, easily download or view accrued balanced on an individual or group basis.

Once you set up employee pay schedules, you can easily generate a pay run to see your employee's timesheet and time off totals for the pay period. Employees can view their payslips online at anytime.