How to cancel your account

Clockspot has no long-term contracts, and payments are month to month, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel, log in as a manager / owner, then go to Billing > My subscription. Click “Actions” on the top right corner, then select “Cancel my account”. Once you […]

Where do I log in?

Every business has a custom login URL where employees go to clock in. You were asked to choose this URL when you initially signed up for Clockspot, which should look something like If you do not remember your login URL, you can go here to retrieve it: If for some […]

Why don’t I see any icons or images when I log in?

If you encounter an issue where images and icons don’t show up when you log in, it may be being blocked by a browser extension or toolbar that you’ve installed, most notably AdBlock. Browser add-ons like AdBlock may cause errors in Clockspot Here’s an example where images aren’t showing up. […]

I added a clock location, but I still can’t clock in!

If you’ve already added clock locations by going to Company > Clock locations, but still get an error message “You cannot clock from this location” when clocking in, then our best suggestion is to: 1. Temporarily disable “Only allow clock ins from approved clock locations” We’re going to temporarily disable […]

How to manage user roles and permissions

Clockspot gives you full control over user permissions, so you can configure exactly who has access to which features. To edit a user’s permissions, go to Users > Choose a user > Permissions tab. Roles There are three roles you can assign: employee, manager, and owner. Employees clock in and […]

How to add a new user / employee / manager

To add a new employee or manager, click on “Users” in the main left menu, then click “Actions” at the top right corner, then select “Add user”: What are roles? Once you fill out their basic information, you can choose to assign them various roles: 1. Employee – This user […]

How to enable phone clocking

Clockspot allows employees to clock in from any cell phone or landline by dialing a toll-free number. This allows employees to track their time without the need for internet or a smart phone. To use this feature, first enable this time tracking method by going to Settings > Timesheet tab, then checking “Clock […]

How to clock in by phone

Clockspot turns any device into a phone time clock by allowing employees to call a toll-free number to clock in or out. Employees can call in from any telephone, landline, or cell phone. Here’s how to get started: 1. Enable phone clocking First, make sure you enable phone clocking for the […]