How to use pay schedules

Pay schedules make it easy for you to pull payroll reports by telling Clockspot how often you pay your employees and when. It helps you automatically compute the next pay period so you don’t have to manually select the date ranges every time. You can add a pay schedule by going to Company > Pay […]

How to add clock locations

Clock locations allow you to track exactly where employees are clocking in from, which could be a specific computer, phone number, IP address, or geolocation. You can then check that information by going to your Timesheet, clicking on a clock time, then choosing “More details” from the bottom menu. How to add […]

How to edit your own profile information

To edit your own profile information, click on your name at the bottom left corner of the main menu, then go to “My profile”: This is where you can edit information such as: Your login information, such as your username, email, and password Your contact information, such as phone number […]

How to edit the timesheet

To edit the in or out time of a shift or job, simply click on the in time or out time: A date widget will pop up where you can edit the date. To edit the time, you can enter a variety of formats, for example “230pm”, “2:30 pm”, “230p”, or […]

How to add a clock time/shift/job to the timesheet

Adding a shift If an employee forgets to clock in, you can always go back and add a shift or job to the timesheet. To add a shift, go to the Timesheet page, click “Actions”, then select “Add a shift”: If you click on “Select user” you should see a […]

How to check where employees clocked in from

Clockspot allows you to track the full details of where employees clocked in from, which includes information like their IP address, which computer they used, their phone number (if they clocked in by dialing our toll free number), and their geolocation. To view this information, click on any clock time, […]

How to add time off (PTO)

If an employee is absent, you can add time off / PTO by going to the Timesheet, clicking “Actions”, then choosing “Add time off”. Here you can select the users and dates you’d like to add time off for, as well as select the time off type, and how many […]

How to use the timesheet page

How to select a date range To view your employees’ timesheet for a specific date range, go to Timesheet (on the left menu), then at the top where it says “All activity from Today for All users”, click on “Today” to change the date range. You can either click on […]