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Welcome to Clockspot! This is a quick guide on how to get started as a manager.

After you receive your dedicated company URL, remember to bookmark it on your computer or mobile browser for quicker access. (

Let’s get started!

We’ll start by signing in. You may see a different login screen depending on your employers settings.

You can login with your email or user name. If your screen looks like mine, all you have to do is click on your name, enter you password and press enter.

The first page you should see is your Time Clock. If your employees are clocking in by computer or smart phone they will see a page like this. If you if you don’t track your own time, you can always disable this in your User permissions so that when you log in, it takes you straight to the Timesheet. To see more on how employees clock in or how to use user permissions please refer to our other videos.

Lets go to the Timesheet on the left panel.

In Timesheet, you can view employee clock times, correct clock times, add shifts and time offs. Don’t worry only managers and owners can do this.

To view your timesheet in any date range, click on the Today link at the top. Here you will see some predefined options to view your times, you can select “date ranges” like “yesterday” or “this workweek”. Or you can use the calendar tool to select any date range by clicking on a start and end date.

If there is a mistake on the timesheet, you can manually click on the time itself to edit the time and press enter when done. In addition you can also use this calendar tool to change the date if an employees clock time accidentally runs over to the next day.

If you click on the “Actions” button at the top right corner you can also manually add shifts (in case they forgot to clock in) OR manually add time off (if they didn’t request time off properly).

When you click on the row of the clock time menu, options will appear below. If the employee forgets to change job types, you can manually add this by clicking on “add job”. Let’s manually add lunch into Princess Leia’s shift. I’ll go ahead and select the job, add the times and press enter, then click “Add job”.

You’ll see the timesheet update right away.

Going back to the menu options below you can also click on “Change History” for a audit trail of any changes made to the timesheet or “More details” to see where employees clock in from, whether that’s by geolocation, IP address, or computer ID.

Let’s add your first employee! Go to the left panel and click “Users”. To add your employee you’ll want to click the “Actions” button on the top right corner. You can invite your employees through email, where they can fill out their own profile information and password. For this demo we’ll click on “add user”.

To add a user you’ll fill out the first, and last name, along with their email. If they don’t have email, you can click on the “don’t have email” link below the email field, in this demo we already enabled usernames in Settings. Once its enabled you’ll see the username field here and won’t be required to provide a email to add your user.

Once you fill out all their information including their timezone you can automatically generate a password (which will be sent to their email) if there’s no email, you’ll have to create a password for them and they can always go in and change their password later in their profile settings.

Under Roles and Permissions, you can choose what kind of role this user has. You can have multiple roles. For example if you are a manager that also needs to keep track of your own time, you’ll want to check “employee” and “manager” same goes for the owner. The owner by default will have Owner and Manager permissions checked.

Owners have the ability to change billing information and manage their subscription for Clockspot.

Managers on the other hand have the ability to manage other employees, pull timesheet and payroll reports, and correct clock times.

If you do not want this user to have special editing permissions then leave manager and owner unchecked. Then click “add user”.

If you need to make any changes to these user settings you can always update it by clicking on the User’s name on this page. It’ll take you to a section where you can make any adjustments to their permissions, hourly pay and even profile information.

Great, we’re almost done with our demo. When you first create your account I suggest starting out with Settings before you add your users. That way you can disable and enable any features suited for your business.

Please to refer to the Settings video for more information.

To sign out, click on your name on the bottom left panel. Then click “sign out”.

If you would like to go over Time off, Settings, Permission settings or any of our other features please refer to our other videos!

And that’s it! Happy Tracking!

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