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Welcome to Clockspot! This is a quick guide on how to get started as an employee using the computer or mobile phone.

After you receive your dedicated company URL, remember to bookmark it on your computer or mobile browser for quicker access. (

Let’s get started!

We’ll start by signing in. You may see a different login screen depending on your employers settings.

You can login with your email or user name. If your screen looks like mine, all you have to do is click on your name, enter your password and press enter.

The first page you should see is your Time Clock. When you start your work day, you’ll click on the green button to start your shift.

If your employer has jobs for you to track throughout the day you can click on “start job” and select the job you’re currently working on, this includes any breaks or lunches.

At the top right corner you may click “shift report” to give your manager a summary of what you did that day. You can write anything in here for you employer to see. When you’re done click “update report” to save your work.

Ok great! Let’s go on a “break” by clicking on “start job” link and selecting “break” while I show you the Timesheet.

You can view your timesheet any time by going to the left panel and clicking on the Timesheet option.

In Timesheet, you can select any date range to view your times or send a time edit request to your manager if there are any mistakes.

To view your timesheet in any date range, click on the Today link at the top.

Here you will see some predefined options to view your times, you can select things like “yesterday” or “this workweek”. Or you can use the calendar to select any date range by clicking on a start and end date.

or you can select any date range by using the calendar tool by clicking on the start date and end date.

If you made a mistake on your timesheet, you can send your manager a time edit request by clicking on the time itself. You’ll see options appear at the bottom of the screen: where you can leave a comment and where you can “request an edit”

When you request an edit, here you can change either the clock in time or clock out time or both.

To edit, click on time itself, and type in the correction. You can change the date on the calendar as well. If the date is correct, press enter to save.

Here you can write a comment to your manager on why the request is being made.

then click submit request

To cancel your request you can click on the green “edit request icon”. On the left panel click “Cancel Request”. Like before, you can write a comment to your manager on why you are cancelling your edit request.

Lastly, to edit your profile information or change your password, click on your name on the bottom left corner and then “my account”

You can change your contact information, profile picture and your password here.

Then click “sign out” when you’re ready to log out.

If you ever forget your password, click “Forget Password” at the login screen. Please note your email must already be in your profile in order to reset your password. Otherwise contact your manager to do this for you.

And that’s it! You’re ready to clock in. Happy tracking!

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