Every business owner wants to check the company’s accounts and calculate the profit it has made over the year. He hopes that his company has minimized expenses and maximized revenue and profit levels. This is only achieved when a great effort goes into making the business productive. The best is to take advantage of the increasing technology is to use it to increase team productivity.

Technology Changes Everything

Obviously, technology has become a part of our everyday lives, from work, to study, and to our home life. The immense contribution of technology to individual and business growth and productivity cannot be under estimated.

Decades ago, technology was thought to be a distraction that put people out of work and limited productivity in business. However, numerous studies have proven that technology is indeed an effective tool which does not only help achieve business goals and maintain the continuous growth of a business.

Business productivity reflects excellent performance in a business. It is therefore pertinent that organizations pay good attention to its productivity, rather than just paying attention to just the profit. The use of productivity- enhancing tools has created an ease in taking the business to the zenith.


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A report by the Center for Economics and Business Research shows that office workforce productivity has increased by 84% over the last four decades owing to the adoption of business tools/software. Also, productivity is expected to rise by 22% in the next seven years as technology continues to promote flexibility. When used correctly, technology simplifies and hastens the execution and completion of a task, which would have otherwise posed complexity and consumed time to execute.

Increae team productivity with technology

Great Tools To Increase Team Productivity

Here are some of the tools that can enhance productivity in a business and how these tools can be used to achieve intended productivity


Dropbox creates a folder on the user’s device and then synchronizes the contents to the Dropbox’s server. When files or documents may need to be modified. Dropbox takes care of this by allowing for updating of files stored on it. This has helped to put an end to the tiring task of storing and synchronizing files and documents on different devices and the challenges involved in sharing such with others. With Dropbox, business owners can share and keep their files and documents without the fear of losing them, being entitled to two gigabytes of space for free, and even more on subscription.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytic tool by Google. Since it is expected of every new and existing business to own a website, Google Analytics cover up for the inability of the owner to be online to interact with visitors when they come. The program helps to keep track of every visitation to your website and the contents each visitor viewed. With Google Analytics, you can be sure of which of your marketing ads brings the most traffic to your website and identify your worst performing pages You can even determine the location of people who visit your website


Not just a social networking site, Linked In, developed by Reid Hoffman, goes beyond that. Research shows that Linkedln is one of the best places you can advertise your business and drive customers to your website. With over 467 million users who have the testified to its tremendous benefits. Linkedln provides a platform for business owners to be linked up with employees and other business professionals. There are even groups where you can get answers to business-related questions or help others by offering your expertise to answer their questions. Every serious-minded businessman or businesswoman is expected to set up a Linkedln profile as this guarantees increased professional visibility.


Write! App provides a convenient way to create and organize writing and enhance writing productivity. It is designed as a workspace for creating texts or notes of any kind. With its native cloud feature, it helps to take care of publishing and sharing of writing with others and do online posting as may be needed or required of a business/organization. Write! Allows you to send emails to clients, employees, stakeholders or business partners with ease right from the app.  And with its productivity counter, auto-complete, and spellchecker, it helps organizations and individuals improve writing efficiency.

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Just as the name reads, Producteev is another excellent business productivity enhancing tool that helps keep a company’s projects on track. Organizations, management teams, and employees are fond of organizing meetings where issues are addressed, discussion held, projects defined, implementation outline, and tasks are shared. However, Producteev has been introduced as an effective substitute for meetings and task assignment. It creates a more efficient and easy way to create tasks, assigns them to the appropriate individuals, sets due dates, and drives projects to completion without the need for periodic discussions and meetings.


ActionNote is a quality tool, which helps businesses and organizations achieve their goals of being productive, especially when making notes or "to do" lists. During meetings where you are likely to end up with a list of to dos, or during a brainstorming session where you need to put down your thoughts at that moment, the program excels. ActionNote has the functionalities of creating business action points, listing them with the most recent at the top, searching through the list, and also sends good looking emails to anyone.