TIme tracking for property managment teams

Your property management company isn’t going to run itself.

You have properties to check up on, resident managers to answer to, vendors to deal with and employees to look after.

On a weekly basis you deal with many challenges like unexpected maintenance and property damage, the occasional resident complaint, accounts payable and receivable and employee payroll.


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It’s exhausting.

In addition to all this, you also worry about how you are going to keep track of your property managers while they are on the road. They spend majority of their day out in the field, visiting properties.

You want to be able to keep track of your property managers easily and efficiently, without having to worry about the technology behind it. You need something easy to use, easy to understand, and something that will help you run your company without you having to monitor it every second of the day.

And this is where advanced time tracking comes in.

Using a cloud-based time clock can alleviate the worries you have about keeping track of your employees. This technology won’t only make your job easier, but make things easier for your team. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits time tracking can bring your property management business.

Know where everyone is & what they are working on

Know Where Everyone Is and What They Are Working On

You have multiple people to keep track of, each with multiple properties to visit. So it can get really difficult trying to keep track of all of them. How do you know where each property manager is at any given time? And how do you know they really are where they say?   

With advanced time tracking, you can:

  • Verify work by using GPS tracking. Know exactly where your staff is, and where they are going, without having to check up on them. This gives them the freedom to work out of the office, without feeling like you are checking up on them and need to know their every step.

  • Get updates in real time. Cloud-based software lets you see when employees clock in, from where and what they are working on. This helps you keep track of your team, but also makes you more productive.

  • Track location and IP addresses. By tracking IP addresses, rest assured that employees can’t fabricate when they clock in. And since you can track login IP addresses, they also can’t have someone else do it for them.

  • Get more detail. By using special codes, you can track exactly what your employees are working on. You can also generate reports according to job, project, client and more.

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Gives You Peace of Mind

You know you can get real-time updates, but time tracking can give you so much more than that. It can also give you peace of mind that if you take a vacation, your business and employees can still function without you.

Time tracking also lets you:

  • Know everyone is honest. With the GPS tracking and IP address tracking, rest assured that employees can’t use the buddy system to clock in or fake their hours.

  • See all changes. Specialized software can let you see every change that is made, so you never have to worry that your staff is sneaking in and making changes behind your back. You can also see every edit and delete, and know exactly who did it.

  • Know all your data is safe. Through a secure system with SSL encryption and daily backups, you know your data is safe and up-to-date.

Makes Payroll a Breeze

The time tracking doesn’t only make logging time easy, but can also help you manage your business in other areas. For example, detailed and accurate tracking can also make doing your payroll a breeze.

You can:

  • Review and approve timesheets online. Since all time information is kept secure in the cloud, you can easily and quickly approve your timesheets online, from any device.

  • Monitor overtime. Check reports and see a running tally of overtime. You can also get alerts whenever an employee starts getting close to maxing out their hours so you can immediately adjust schedules accordingly.

  • Manage time off and PTO accruals. With a cloud-based system, all your time off, vacation and PTO hours are kept in one place; making it easy to manage time off. If you have different tiers for your employees and require different settings, you can easily do so with and advanced time tracking system.

  • Finish payroll in seconds. You’re busy managing other areas of your business. You don’t want to have to spend hours upon hours on payroll. With detailed reports and all the information you need stored in one location, you can finish your payroll in mere seconds.

Makes Things Easier for Your Staff

Make things easier for your staff

Advanced time tracking isn’t just beneficial for you. Your staff will love it as well.

Some benefits for them include:

  • Tracking their own time and hours. Employees can track their own hours, vacation and PTO hours, without having to hassle you for their information. They can also see their hours to ensure they are calculated correctly.

  • Ability to check in from anywhere. Employees can also access their own accounts any time, from any device. They can check their hours, and they can easily clock in while on the go. Since IP addresses are tracked, there is no way employees can cheat the system.

  • No longer micromanaged. Time tracking allows your employees to be accountable for their own time. You can keep a watchful eye on them, without them having to check in all the time. It’s a win-win for both you and them.

With so much to do, running a property management agency can be stressful. Make your job just a little easier by utilizing advanced time tracking. You can get live tracking updates, know where your staff is and what they are working on, manage hours quickly, and most importantly, alleviate any worry about your time tracking needs.